1. The Nick of Time: Politics, Evolution, and the Untimely.E. A. Grosz - 2004 - Duke University Press.
    Darwinian matters : life, force and change -- Biological difference -- The evolution of sex and race -- Nietzsche's Darwin -- History and the untimely -- The eternal return and the overman -- Bergsonian differences -- The philosophy of life -- Intuition and the virtual -- The future.
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  2. Time Travels: Feminism, Nature, Power.E. A. Grosz - 2005 - Duke University Press.
    Darwin and feminism: preliminary investigations into a possible alliance -- Darwin and the ontology of life -- The Nature of culture -- Law, justice, and the future -- The Time of violence: Derrida, deconstruction, and value -- Drucilla Cornell, identity, and the "Evolution" of Politics -- Philosophy, knowledge, and the future -- Deleuze, Bergson, and the virtual -- Merleau-Ponty, Bergson, and the question of ontology -- The thing -- Prosthetic objects -- Identity, sexual difference, and the future -- The Time (...)
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  3. Becoming Undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics, and Art.E. A. Grosz - 2011 - Duke University Press.
    The inhuman in the humanities : Darwin and the ends of man -- Deleuze, Bergson, and the concept of life -- Bergson, Deleuze, and difference -- Feminism, materialism, and freedom -- The future of feminist theory : dreams for new knowledges -- Differences disturbing identity : Deleuze and feminism -- Irigaray and the ontology of sexual difference -- Darwin and the split between natural and sexual selection -- Sexual difference as sexual selection : Irigarayan reflections on Darwin -- Art and (...)
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  4. Space, Time, and Perversion: Essays on the Politics of Bodies.E. A. Grosz - 1995 - Routledge.
    Marking a ground-breaking moment in the debate surrounding bodies and "body politics," Elizabeth Grosz's Space, Time and Perversion contends that only by resituating and rethinking the body will feminism and cultural analysis effect and unsettle the knowledges, disciplines and institutions which have controlled, regulated and managed the body both ideologically and materially. Exploring the fields of architecture, philosophy, and--in a controversial way--queer theory, Grosz shows how these fields have conceptually stripped bodies of their specificity, their corporeality, and the vestigal traces (...)
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  5. Jacques Lacan: A Feminist Introduction.E. A. Grosz - 1990 - Routledge.
    Grosz gives a critical overview of Lacan's work from a feminist perspective. Discussing previous attempts to give a feminist reading of his work, she argues for women's autonomy based on an indifference to the Lacanian phallus.
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    The Future of Sexual Difference: An Interview with Judith Butler and Drucilla Cornell.Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell, Pheng Cheah & E. A. Grosz - 1998 - Diacritics 28 (1):19-42.
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    Becomings: Explorations in Time, Memory, and Futures.E. A. Grosz (ed.) - 1999 - Cornell University Press.
    Although the equally pervasive and abstract concept of space has generated a vast body of disciplines, time, and the related idea of "becoming" (transforming, ...
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    Of Being-Two: Introduction.Pheng Cheah & E. A. Grosz - 1998 - Diacritics 28 (1):3-18.