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    At the centre of Kierkegaard: An objective absurdity.Ed L. Miller - 1997 - Religious Studies 33 (4):433-441.
    No one doubts that for Kierkegaard's definition of Christian faith one should look to the "Concluding Unscientific Postscript." The contention of this paper is that within the Postscript, most have looked in the wrong place. The well-known definition that is usually cited is actually a definition of Socratic or religious faith, and the definition of specifically Christian faith, given a few pages later, represents an existential intensification, which moves from an 'objective uncertainty' to an 'objective absurdity'. This latter definition is, (...)
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    God and reason.Ed LeRoy Miller - 1972 - New York,: Macmillan.
    For courses in the Philosophy of Religion, taught in either Philosophy or Religious Studies departments. This book provides a concise introduction to the main ideas and issues in philosophical theology. While covering a wide range of classic and contemporary perspectives, the text stresses a historical approach, focussing primarily on the development of philosophical theology in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
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  3. Classical statements on faith and reason.Ed L. Miller - 1970 - New York,: Random House.
    Athens or Jerusalem? By Tertullian.--Philosophy the handmaid of theology, by Clement of Alexandria.--Faith in search of understanding, by St. Augustine.--Revelation and analogy, by St. Thomas Aquinas.--The mystic way, by M. Eckhart.--The darkened intellect, by J. Calvin.--The reasons of the heart, by B. Pascal.--Faith, reason, and enthusiasm, by J. Locke.--Miracles and the skeptic, by D. Hume.--The limits of reason, by I. Kant.--Truth and subjectivity, by S. Kierkegaard.--In justification of faith, by W. James.--Religion as poetry, by G. Santayana.--Faith and symbols, by P. (...)
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    Kierkegaard's Critique of Reason and Society.Ed L. Miller - 1993 - Review of Metaphysics 47 (2):394-395.
    This volume, originally published in 1987, is a collection of seven previously published essays, here slightly modified. Six of these were previously published in various journals over the years 1971-1984 and one was presented at a Kierkegaard conference at St. Olaf college in 1985.
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  5. Mimnermus on Youth and Old Age.Ed L. Miller - 1967 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 48 (3):390.
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  6. Philosophical and religious issues: classical and contemporary statements.Ed L. Miller - 1971 - Encino, Calif.,: Dickenson Pub. Co..
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    Parmenides the prophet.Ed L. Miller - 1968 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 6 (1):67.
    In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:Notes and Discussions PARMENIDES THE PROPHET~ The latest word on Parmenides comes from a recent and exhaustive study by Leonardo Tar~n. 1 Among other illuminating and novel interpretations, Tarhn argues that Parmenides was not, after all, guilty of the confusion between the existential and copulative senses of "to be," that he did not identify thinking with Being, and that he had no conception of atemporal reality.~ In these and (...)
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    Questions that Matter: An Invitation to Philosophy.Ed L. Miller & Jon Jensen - 1996 - McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages.
    This popular choice for introductory philosophy courses again offers primary source readings woven into a text that is organized by key questions in philosophy. The discussion of each question is presented in a logical and historical light, showing connections, roots and influences. The clarity of the presentation and the successful student pedagogical aids provide an accessible, guided introduction to philosophy for college students.
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  9. Xenophanes: Fragments 1 and 2.Ed L. Miller - 1970 - Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 51 (2):143.
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    Jasper Hopkins, "A Companion to the Study of St. Anselm". [REVIEW]Ed L. Miller - 1978 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 16 (1):105.
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    Book notes. [REVIEW]William J. Prior, Ed L. Miller, Malcolm Jack & Rolf George - 1979 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 17 (3):369-370.