1.  16
    Inference in Argumentation: A Topics-Based Approach to Argument Schemes.Sara Greco & Eddo Rigotti - 2018 - Springer Verlag.
    This book investigates the role of inference in argumentation, considering how arguments support standpoints on the basis of different loci. The authors propose and illustrate a model for the analysis of the standpoint-argument connection, called Argumentum Model of Topics. A prominent feature of the AMT is that it distinguishes, within each and every single argumentation, between an inferential-procedural component, on which the reasoning process is based; and a material-contextual component, which anchors the argument in the interlocutors’ cultural and factual common (...)
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    Comparing the Argumentum Model of Topics to Other Contemporary Approaches to Argument Schemes: The Procedural and Material Components.Eddo Rigotti & Sara Greco Morasso - 2010 - Argumentation 24 (4):489-512.
    This paper focuses on the inferential configuration of arguments, generally referred to as argument scheme. After outlining our approach, denominated Argumentum Model of Topics (AMT, see Rigotti and Greco Morasso 2006, 2009; Rigotti 2006, 2008, 2009), we compare it to other modern and contemporary approaches, to eventually illustrate some advantages offered by it. In spite of the evident connection with the tradition of topics, emerging also from AMT’s denomination, its involvement in the contemporary dialogue on argument schemes should not be (...)
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  3.  19
    Relevance of Context-bound loci to Topical Potential in the Argumentation Stage.Eddo Rigotti - 2006 - Argumentation 20 (4):519-540.
    In relation to the task of making an expedient selection from the available loci within the topical potential that strategic manoeuvring envisages for the argumentation stage, this paper proposes a version of topics, which is both inspired to the traditional doctrine of topics and consistent with the theoretical framing and the methodological tenets that are proper of modern semantics and current theory of argumentation. The argumentative relevance of communication context in its institutionalised and interpersonal components is brought to light. Three (...)
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  4. Argumentation as an object of interest and as a social and cultural resource.Eddo Rigotti & Sara Greco Morasso - 2009 - In Nathalie Muller Mirza & Anne Nelly Perret-Clermont (eds.), Argumentation and Education. Springer.
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  5.  38
    The Nature and Functions of Loci in Agricola’s De Inuentione Dialectica.Eddo Rigotti - 2014 - Argumentation 28 (1):19-37.
    This paper aims to single out and to highlight the fundamental tenets of Agricola’s De inuentione dialectica. After the structure of the volume, its theoretical perspective and its educational concern are illustrated, Agricola’s understanding of the fundamental notion of locus is expounded. In this relation his particular use of the medieval term habitudo and the exclusion of maxims, which had been the main concern of the Medieval doctrine of loci, show a certain distance from the Medieval tradition. Several innovative and (...)
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  6. Frans H. van Eemeren: Strategic Maneuvering in Argumentative Discourse. Extending the Pragma-Dialectical Theory of Argumentation: John Benjamins Publishing Company, Argumentation in Context , Vol. 2, Amsterdam/philadelphia, 2010, XII + 308 pp. [REVIEW]Eddo Rigotti - 2011 - Argumentation 25 (2):261-270.
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    Frans H. van Eemeren: Strategic Maneuvering in Argumentative Discourse. Extending the Pragma-Dialectical Theory of Argumentation. [REVIEW]Eddo Rigotti - 2011 - Argumentation 25 (2):261-270.
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