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    How to Do Realistic Political Theory.Edward Hall - 2017 - European Journal of Political Theory 16 (3):283-303.
    In recent years, a number of realist thinkers have charged much contemporary political theory with being idealistic and moralistic. While the basic features of the realist counter-movement are reasonably well understood, realism is still considered a critical, primarily negative creed which fails to offer a positive, alternative way of thinking normatively about politics. Aiming to counteract this general perception, in this article I draw on Bernard Williams’s claims about how to construct a politically coherent conception of liberty from the non-political (...)
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    Ethics, Morality and the Case for Realist Political Theory.Edward Hall & Matt Sleat - 2017 - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 20 (3):278-295.
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    Political Realism and Fact-Sensitivity.Edward Hall - 2013 - Res Publica 19 (2):173-181.
    Political realists complain that much contemporary political philosophy is insufficiently attentive to various facts about politics yet some political philosophers insist that any critique of normative claims on grounds of unrealism is misplaced. In this paper I focus on the methodological position G.A. Cohen champions in order assess the extent to which this retort succeeds in nullifying the realist critique of contemporary political philosophy. I argue that Cohen’s work does not succeed in doing so because the political principles that we (...)
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    Skepticism About Unconstrained Utopianism.Edward Hall - 2016 - Social Philosophy and Policy 33 (1-2):76-95.
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    Book Review: The Political Is Political: Conformity and the Illusion of Dissent in Contemporary Political Philosophy, by Lorna Finlayson. [REVIEW]Edward Hall - 2018 - Political Theory 46 (2):322-327.
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    Disadvantage.Edward Hall - 2013 - Contemporary Political Theory 12 (3):e1.
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    Disadvantage.Edward Hall - 2013 - Contemporary Political Theory 12 (3):e1-e3.
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    Human Rights, Legitimacy, Political Judgement.Edward Hall & Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis - 2021 - Res Publica 27 (2):171-185.
    This paper grapples with Bernard Williams’s prima vista enigmatic assertion that ‘[w]hether it is a matter of good philosophical sense to treat a practice as a violation of human rights, and whether it is politically good sense, cannot ultimately constitute two separate questions’. Though Williams’s approach to thinking about human rights has a number of affinities with other ‘political’ and ‘minimalist’ understandings, we highlight its distinctive features and argue that it has significant implications for our understanding of human rights along (...)
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  9. The Dance of Life: The Other Dimension of Time.Edward Twitchell Hall - 1983 - Anchor Press/Doubleday.
    First published in 1983, this book studies how people are tied together and yet isolated by hidden threads of rhythm and walls of time. Time is treated as a language, organizer, and message system revealing people's feelings about each other and reflecting differences between cultures.
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    Why Not.Edward Hall - 2018 - European Journal of Political Theory 17 (1):109-117.
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