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    Adding Lemon juice to poison – raising critical questions about the oxymoronic nature of mindfulness in education and its future direction.Edward M. Sellman & Gabriella F. Buttarazzi - 2020 - British Journal of Educational Studies 68 (1):61-78.
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    Exploring mindfulness in/as education from a Heideggerian perspective.Rodrigo Brito, Stephen Joseph & Edward Sellman - 2021 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 55 (2):302-313.
    Over the past decade or so within this journal, there have been critical debates concerning the role of mindfulness within education, the influence of neoliberalism on education in general and well-being interventions specifically, and the relevance of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger for critiquing modernity including the nature and purpose afforded education. In this article, we propose that these debates are sufficiently interrelated to develop a more unified argument. We will show how a Heideggerian perspective is conceptually rich, in both (...)
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    Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Restorative Justice: Developing Insights for Education.Hilary Cremin, Edward Sellman & Gillean McCluskey - 2012 - British Journal of Educational Studies 60 (4):421-437.
    This article takes restorative justice as an example of an initiative that crosses disciplinary boundaries, and that has been usefully applied within educational contexts. Grounded in criminology, restorative justice also has roots in psychology, education, sociology, peace studies, philosophy and law. The article draws on an ESRC funded seminar series which investigated interdisciplinary perspectives on restorative justice and their applicability to education. The series found that the ways in which restorative justice is conceptualised and applied varies according to disciplinary norms (...)
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    From Instrumental to Integral Mindfulness: Toward a More Holistic and Transformative Approach in Schools.Rodrigo Brito, Stephen Joseph & Edward Sellman - 2021 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 41 (1):91-109.
    Although the implementation of mindfulness-based interventions in educational contexts appear to have demonstrated some benefits for students and teachers in research studies conducted over the last two decades, there are also those who criticize MBI’s for their instrumental focus. Exploring this debate, this article offers a case for the implementation of a more holistic and integral approach to mindfulness in educational settings. It will draw upon the philosophical legacy of Martin Heidegger and other critical theorists, who contest the dominant framing (...)
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    A quiet revolution? Reflecting on the potentiality and ethics of mindfulness in a junior school.Andrea Crawford, Stephen Joseph & Edward Sellman - 2021 - British Journal of Educational Studies 69 (2):237-255.
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    Approaching disability: critical issues and perspectives. By Rebecca Mallett and Katherine Runswick-Cole.Jackie Dearden & Edward Sellman - 2015 - British Journal of Educational Studies 63 (4):508-509.