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    Concept of the Right to Health Care.Paulius Čelkis & Eglė Venckienė - 2011 - Jurisprudencija: Mokslo darbu žurnalas 18 (1):269-286.
    On the grounds of the fundamental value of the human rights, which is the human dignity, this article describes a basis of the right to health care in terms of quality, discloses its concept, reviews the spheres of health system in which this right is exercised: health care and public health. The right to health care is stressed as one of the fundamental rights, without which the person will not able to enjoy other rights: economic, political and social rights. It (...)
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    The Right to Dignity: Terminological Aspects.Eglė Venckienė - 2011 - Jurisprudencija: Mokslo darbu žurnalas 18 (1):91-109.
    The article construes a modern concept of human dignity and factors influencing it. On the grounds of the Antique Greek-Roman notion of a human being as in-dividuus (Lat. not divisible, integral) and per-sona (Lat. mask, role played by an actor), the ambiguity of the human dignity is revealed: on one hand, every human being enjoys an unchangeable and non-deprivable dignity of the human being, on the other hand, the human being, as a creature and participant of social relations, himself/herself creates (...)
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    Catholic Social Thought in the Interwar Period in Lithuania: The Image of Social State under the Rule of Law in Socialism.Eglė Venckienė - 2013 - Jurisprudencija: Mokslo darbu žurnalas 20 (2):391-406.
    Social life is changing very fast. People are trying to find out reasons of living in a safe society and understand their role in it. The ‘wrong’ and ‘right‘ models of the social life, state and law systems are appearing. In the XXth century, one of them – socialism – made suggestion how to solve social problems, determinated of capitalism. This work deals with the situation of Lithuanian social thought in the Republic of Lithuania (1900-1940). In the article, the standpoint (...)
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    The Importance of Historical Discourse for the Legal Protection of Human Dignity at Present.Egle Venckiene - 2010 - Jurisprudencija: Mokslo darbu žurnalas 119 (1):147-164.
    Human rights stem from community values; therefore, even today they may develop only on the basis of the values of a particular community. When the interests of a society change, new threats to the same value originate. A constant scientific dialogue is necessary in order to neutralise these threats effectively. The current socio-cultural context reveals the problems related to the legal protection of human dignity through a contraposition of instrumental and teleological attitude towards the human dignity. The article discusses ideological (...)
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