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    Reasoning Based on Categorisation for Interpreting and Acting: A First Approach.Elisabetta Zibetti, Vicenç Quera, Charles Tijus & Francesc Salvador Beltran - 2001 - Mind and Society 2 (2):87-104.
    Taking a detour to reach a goal is intelligent behavior based on making inferences. The main purpose of the present research is to show how such apparently complex behavior can emerge from basic mechanisms such as contextual categorisation and goal attribution when perceiving people. We presentacacia (Action by Contextually Automated Categorising Interactive Agents), a computer model implemented using StarLogo software, grounded in the principles of Artificial Life (Al), capable of simulating the behavior of a group of agents with a goal (...)
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    ACACIA-ES: An Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation Tool for Investigating Social Behaviors in Resource-Limited Two-Dimensional Environments.Elisabetta Zibetti, Simon Carrignon & Nicolas Bredeche - forthcoming - Mind and Society.
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    Understanding Actions: Contextual Dimensions and Heuristics.Elisabetta Zibetti & Charles Tijus - 2005 - In B. Kokinov A. Dey (ed.), Modeling and Using Context. Springer. pp. 542--555.