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    Communicating with Employees: Building on an Ethical Foundation. [REVIEW]Ellen F. Harshman & Carl L. Harshman - 1999 - Journal of Business Ethics 19 (1):3 - 19.
    The paradigm of work and the formal organizations within which people work are changing. Trends in organizations include less hierarchy, integrated structures, empowered employees, teams and teamwork, labor-management partnerships, and myriad other changes. Underlying all these changes is a new emphasis on values regarding how organizations function. Among the critical organizational functions to which the values framework applies is communication.Most models of internal organizational communication are adaptations of the existing model for communicating externally. These models fall short of what is (...)
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    The Gordian Knot of Ethics: Understanding Leadership Effectiveness and Ethical Behavior.Carl L. Harshman & Ellen F. Harshman - 2008 - Journal of Business Ethics 78 (1-2):175-192.
    Recent ethical misconduct in American business has resulted in volumes of written commentary, various legislative responses, as well as litigation by those identified as victims. While legislators, judges, juries, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pursue an increasing number of cases, there is little attention devoted to understanding what drives executives and other leaders to behave in ways that violate the ethical and legal standards of business in the United States. This understanding is a prerequisite to selecting leaders and (...)
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    Professional Ethics in a Virtual World: The Impact of the Internet on Traditional Notions of Professionalism.Ellen M. Harshman, James F. Gilsinan, James E. Fisher & Frederick C. Yeager - 2005 - Journal of Business Ethics 58 (1-3):227-236.
    Numerous articles in the popular press together with an examination of websites associated with the medical, legal, engineering, financial, and other professions leave no doubt that the role of professions has been impacted by the Internet. While offering the promise of the democratization of expertise – expertise made available to the public at convenient times and locations and at an affordable cost – the Internet is also driving a reexamination of the concept of professional identity and related claims of expertise (...)
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    Employee References: Between the Legal Devil and the Ethical Deep Blue Sea.Ellen Harshman & Denise R. Chachere - 2000 - Journal of Business Ethics 23 (1):29 - 39.
    An employer asked to provide a reference for a former or departing employee is confronted with a number of complex legal and ethical concerns. The issue of references is always controversial, involving a balance of employers' fears of legal liability, interests in providing relevant information to prospective employers, and concerns for fairness to former employees. Recently this topic has been the focus of new attention as the result of a court decision holding a former employer legally liable for wrongs committed (...)
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