1. Weapons Are Nothing but Ominous Instruments: The Daodejing's View on War and Peace.Ellen Y. Zhang - 2012 - Journal of Religious Ethics 40 (3):473-502.
    ABSTRACTThe Daodejing is an ancient Chinese text traditionally taken as a representative Daoist classic expressing a distinctive philosophy from the Warring States Period. This essay explicates the ethical dimensions of the DDJ paying attention to issues related to war and peace. The discussion consists of four parts: “naturalness” as an onto‐cosmological argument for a philosophy of harmony, balance, and peace; war as a sign of the disruption of the natural pattern of things initiated by the proliferation of desire; defensive war (...)
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    The Emotions in Early Chinese Philosophy by Curie Virág.Ellen Y. Zhang - 2019 - Philosophy East and West 69 (2):663-667.
    This is the first book-length study of the conception of emotions in premodern, or more specifically, pre-Han Chinese philosophical traditions, ranging from the early-5th to the late-3rd centuries BCE. This era is known as the "Warring States period" in China and marked by the flourishing of a number of different schools of philosophers who advocated their visions of how society should be run. The author looks at wide-ranging views about the nature of emotions and their proper role in moral life (...)
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    Life and Death: The Dionysian Spirit of Juan Chi and Neo‐Taoists1.Ellen Y. Zhang - 1999 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 26 (3):295-321.
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