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    Recovering and Expanding the Normative: Marx and the New Sociology of Scientific Knowledge.Ellsworth R. Fuhrman & William T. Lynch - 1991 - Science, Technology and Human Values 16 (2):233-248.
    It was customary in traditional approaches to the sociology of knowledge to bracket either questions about the possibility of the social determination of natural scientific ideas or questions about the ability of the sociology of knowledge to evaluate other types of knowledge claims. The current strong program in the sociology of knowledge, a typical representative of the new approach to the sociology of science, wants to study the production of natural scientific knowledge scientifically and simultaneously bracket normative considerations. We criticize (...)
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    STS and Utopian Thinking.Ellsworth R. Fuhrman - 1999 - Social Epistemology 13 (1):85 – 93.
    I (however fractured that may be) desire to continue the dialogue about politics and STS. In particular, I want to extend some of the ideas articulated by Haraway and Latour about STS and politics in our time. First, I lay out what some of the issues are : the contradictions of postmodernity; second, I describe the political and economic context in which some STS work gets done. Third, through the use of science fiction in the work of Kim Stanley Robinson's (...)
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