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    Does Grammatical Aspect Affect Motion Event Cognition? A Cross-Linguistic Comparison of English and Swedish Speakers.Panos Athanasopoulos & Emanuel Bylund - 2013 - Cognitive Science 37 (2):286-309.
    In this article, we explore whether cross-linguistic differences in grammatical aspect encoding may give rise to differences in memory and cognition. We compared native speakers of two languages that encode aspect differently (English and Swedish) in four tasks that examined verbal descriptions of stimuli, online triads matching, and memory-based triads matching with and without verbal interference. Results showed between-group differences in verbal descriptions and in memory-based triads matching. However, no differences were found in online triads matching and in memory-based triads (...)
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    Revisiting the bilingual lexical deficit: The impact of age of acquisition.Emanuel Bylund, Niclas Abrahamsson, Kenneth Hyltenstam & Gunnar Norrman - 2019 - Cognition 182 (C):45-49.
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    The parser consults the lexicon in spite of transparent gender marking: EEG evidence from noun class agreement processing in Zulu.Jochen Zeller, Emanuel Bylund & Ashley Glen Lewis - 2022 - Cognition 226 (C):105148.
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