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    Approach and Avoidance as Organizing Structures for Motivated Distance Perception.Emily Balcetis - 2016 - Emotion Review 8 (2):115-128.
    Emerging demonstrations of the malleability of distance perception in affective situations require an organizing structure. These effects can be predicted by approach and avoidance orientation. Approach reduces perceptions of distance; avoidance exaggerates perceptions of distance. Moreover, hedonic valence, motivational intensity, and perceiver arousal cannot alone serve as organizing principles. Organizing the literature based on approach and avoidance can reconcile seeming inconsistent effects in the literature, and offers these motives as psychological mechanisms by which affective situations predict perceptions of distance. Moreover, (...)
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    Justice is Not Blind: Visual Attention Exaggerates Effects of Group Identification on Legal Punishment.Yael Granot, Emily Balcetis, Kristin E. Schneider & Tom R. Tyler - 2014 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 143 (6):2196-2208.
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    Visual Perception and Regulatory Conflict: Motivation and Physiology Influence Distance Perception.Shana Cole, Emily Balcetis & Sam Zhang - 2013 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 142 (1):18.
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    Future Tests of Motivated Distance Perception From Multiple Perspectives.Emily Balcetis - 2016 - Emotion Review 8 (2):133-135.
    In response to comments, I repeat and further support the proposal that valence and arousal cannot serve as independent factors of motivated distance perception, but can be incorporated into the model as features of motivational direction. I articulate the importance of eliciting experiences to predict the direction of motivational direction, suggest additional ways to measure motivational direction, and direct the reader to extensive literatures that have illustrated conditions that give rise to approach and avoidance. Finally, I conjecture on how the (...)
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  5. Task Demand Not so Damning: Improved Techniques That Mitigate Demand in Studies That Support Top-Down Effects.Emily Balcetis & Shana Cole - 2016 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 39.
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    The Conscious Roots of Selfless, Unconscious Goals.Gordon B. Moskowitz & Emily Balcetis - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (2):151-151.