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Emma Susan Wood
University of Notre Dame Australia
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    Moral Error Theory: History, Critique, Defence, by Jonas Olson: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014, Pp. Viii + 214 , £35.00. [REVIEW]Emma Wood - 2015 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93 (2):410-411.
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    Not All Green Space Is Created Equal: Biodiversity Predicts Psychological Restorative Benefits From Urban Green Space.Emma Wood, Alice Harsant, Martin Dallimer, Anna Cronin de Chavez, Rosemary R. C. McEachan & Christopher Hassall - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Björnsson and Olinder on Motivational Internalism.Emma Wood - 2014 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 92 (2):379-383.
    I respond to an argument made by Gunnar Björnsson and Ragnar Francén Olinder against motivational internalism. Björnsson and Olinder present a hypothesis in which all of us are selfishly motivated to act in accordance with our moral judgments. The conceivability of such a possibility, they argue, rules out motivational internalism. I argue that this is not the case, and that, according to one dominant view about moral judgments, the agents in the hypothesis do not make genuine moral judgments. One therefore (...)
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    Think Local, Act Global: How Do Fragmented Representations of Space Allow Seamless Navigation?Paul A. Dudchenko, Emma R. Wood & Roderick M. Grieves - 2013 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (5):548 - 549.
    In this commentary, we highlight a difficulty for metric navigation arising from recent data with grid and place cells: the integration of piecemeal representations of space in environments with repeated boundaries. Put simply, it is unclear how place and grid cells might provide a global representation of distance when their fields appear to represent repeated boundaries within an environment. One implication of this is that the capacity for spatial inferences may be limited.
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  5. Objectivity and its Critics.Emma Wood - 2011 - Philosophical Forum 42 (3):331-332.
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