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    Craig Interpolation for Semilinear Substructural Logics.Enrico Marchioni & George Metcalfe - 2012 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 58 (6):468-481.
    The Craig interpolation property is investigated for substructural logics whose algebraic semantics are varieties of semilinear pointed commutative residuated lattices. It is shown that Craig interpolation fails for certain classes of these logics with weakening if the corresponding algebras are not idempotent. A complete characterization is then given of axiomatic extensions of the “R-mingle with unit” logic that have the Craig interpolation property. This latter characterization is obtained using a model-theoretic quantifier elimination strategy to determine the varieties of Sugihara monoids (...)
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    Amalgamation Through Quantifier Elimination for Varieties of Commutative Residuated Lattices.Enrico Marchioni - 2012 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 51 (1-2):15-34.
    This work presents a model-theoretic approach to the study of the amalgamation property for varieties of semilinear commutative residuated lattices. It is well-known that if a first-order theory T enjoys quantifier elimination in some language L, the class of models of the set of its universal consequences ${\rm T_\forall}$ has the amalgamation property. Let ${{\rm Th}(\mathbb{K})}$ be the theory of an elementary subclass ${\mathbb{K}}$ of the linearly ordered members of a variety ${\mathbb{V}}$ of semilinear commutative residuated lattices. We show that (...)
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    Quantifier Elimination and Other Model-Theoretic Properties of BL-Algebras.Tommaso Cortonesi, Enrico Marchioni & Franco Montagna - 2011 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 52 (4):339-379.
    This work presents a model-theoretic approach to the study of first-order theories of classes of BL-chains. Among other facts, we present several classes of BL-algebras, generating the whole variety of BL-algebras, whose first-order theory has quantifier elimination. Model-completeness and decision problems are also investigated. Then we investigate classes of BL-algebras having (or not having) the amalgamation property or the joint embedding property and we relate the above properties to the existence of ultrahomogeneous models.
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    Extending a Temporal Defeasible Argumentation Framework with Possibilistic Weights.Lluís Godo, Enrico Marchioni & Pere Pardo - 2012 - In Luis Farinas del Cerro, Andreas Herzig & Jerome Mengin (eds.), Logics in Artificial Intelligence. Springer. pp. 242--254.
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    Łukasiewicz Logics for Cooperative Games.Enrico Marchioni & Michael Wooldridge - 2019 - Artificial Intelligence 275:252-278.
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