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    A Critical Introduction to Formal Epistemology.Darren Bradley - 2015 - London: Bloomsbury.
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    Closure Reconsidered.Yuval Avnur - 2012 - Philosophers' Imprint 12.
    Most solutions to the skeptical paradox about justified belief assume closure for justification, since the rejection of closure is widely regarded as a non-starter. I argue that the rejection of closure is not a non-starter, and that its problems are no greater than the problems associated with the more standard anti-skeptical strategies. I do this by sketching a simple version of the unpopular strategy and rebutting the three best objections to it. The general upshot for theories of justification is that (...)
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    Parmenides on Ascertainment of the Real.T. M. Robinson - 1975 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 4 (4):623 - 633.
    In this paper I want to suggest that, while the argued philosophical distinction between logic, epistemolgoy and ontology is one of the many achievements of Aristotle, his predecessor Parmenides was in fact already operating with a theory of knowledge and an elementary propositional logic that are of abiding philosophical interest. As part of the thesis I shall be obliged to reject a number of interpretations of particular passages in his poem, including one or two currently fashionable ones. Since so (...)
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