1.  82
    Split-Brain Reveals Separate but Equal Self-Recognition in the Two Cerebral Hemispheres.Lucina Q. Uddin, Jan Rayman & Eran Zaidel - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (3):633-640.
    To assess the ability of the disconnected cerebral hemispheres to recognize images of the self, a split-brain patient was tested using morphed self-face images presented to one visual hemifield at a time while making “self/other” judgments. The performance of the right and left hemispheres of this patient as assessed by a signal detection method was not significantly different, though a measure of bias did reveal hemispheric differences. The right and left hemispheres of this patient independently and equally possessed the ability (...)
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  2.  15
    Advances and Retreats In Laterality Research.Eran Zaidel - 1983 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 6 (3):523.
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    Error Monitoring in the Hemispheres: The Effect of Lateralized Feedback on Lexical Decision.Jonas T. Kaplan & Eran Zaidel - 2001 - Cognition 82 (2):157-178.
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  5.  9
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