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    Hobbes and the Imitation of God.Eric Brandon - 2001 - Inquiry : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 44 (2):223 – 226.
    This note discusses the implications of an incorrect quotation that appeared in Ted H. Miller's article, 'Thomas Hobbes and the Constraints that Enable the Imitation of God', from Inquiry 42.2. Although surely inadvertent, this error is significant because the author uses it to support the thesis that Hobbes envisions philosophers imitating God by creating order out of chaos. The correct quotation from Leviathan does not support such a thesis, and the paragraph in Leviathan from which it is taken actually runs (...)
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    Review of “Death and Philosophy”. [REVIEW]Eric Brandon - 2004 - Essays in Philosophy 5 (1):7.
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    The Coherence of Hobbes's Leviathan: Civil and Religious Authority Combined.Eric Brandon - 2007 - Continuum.
    Two conditions for internal peace : absolutism and identification --Four approaches to Leviathan -- Outline of a new approach -- Reason, natural law, and absolutism -- The role of part 1 in Leviathan -- The metaphysical conception of human nature -- The state of nature -- The argument for absolutism -- Criteria for the identification of the sovereign -- Natural law -- Reason, revelation, and the interpretation of scripture -- Historical background : sola scriptura and biblical criticism -- Hobbes and (...)
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