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    Political thought in medieval Islam: an introductory outline.Erwin Isak Jakob Rosenthal - 1958 - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
    This book deals with more than political philosophy in medieval Islam. The Islamic community was a religio-political unity, and as a consequence Islamic thought drew no clearcut distinction between what was strictly religious and what was political or legal. This makes it impossible to study its political ideas without delving into its thought in general and the evolution of its institutions and legal systems. This delving Mr. Rosenthal has done well, and by doing so he has produced a book which (...)
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    Griechisches Erbe in der jüdischen Religionsphilosophie des Mittelalters.Erwin Isak Jakob Rosenthal - 1960 - Stuttgart,: W. Kohlhammer.
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    Saadya studies.Erwin Isak Jakob Rosenthal & Saʻadia ben Joseph (eds.) - 1980 - New York: Arno Press.
    Hertz, J. H. Saadya gaon.--Altmann, A. Saadya's theory of revelation.--Herzog, D. The polemic treatise against Saadya.--Krauss, S. Saadya's Tafsir of the seventy hapax legomena explained and continued.--Leveen, J. Saadya's lost commentary on Leviticus.--Markon, I. explained by Saadya and his successors.--Marmorstein, A. The doctrine of redemption in Saadya's theological system.--Mittwoch, E. An unknown fragment by Gaon Saadya.--Rabin, C. Saadya gaon's Hebrew prose style.--Rawidowicz, S. Saadya's purification of the idea of God.-- Robertson, E. The relationship of the Arabic translation of the Samaritan (...)
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