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    Negative emotion differentiation: Its personality and well-being correlates and a comparison of different assessment methods.Yasemin Erbas, Eva Ceulemans, Madeline Lee Pe, Peter Koval & Peter Kuppens - 2014 - Cognition and Emotion 28 (7):1196-1213.
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    Emotion differentiation dissected: between-category, within-category, and integral emotion differentiation, and their relation to well-being.Yasemin Erbas, Eva Ceulemans, Elisabeth S. Blanke, Laura Sels, Agneta Fischer & Peter Kuppens - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 33 (2):258-271.
    ABSTRACTEmotion differentiation, the ability to describe and label our own emotions in a differentiated and specific manner, has been repeatedly associated with well-being. However, it is unclear exactly what type of differentiation is most strongly related to well-being: the ability to make fine-grained distinctions between emotions that are relatively closely related, the ability to make larger distinctions between very distinct emotions, or the combination of both. To determine which type of differentiation is most predictive of well-being, we performed a comprehensive (...)
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    Individual differences in patterns of appraisal and anger experience.Peter Kuppens, Iven Van Mechelen, Dirk Jm Smits, Paul De Boeck & Eva Ceulemans - 2007 - Cognition and Emotion 21 (4):689-713.
    Appraisal theories of emotions have gained widespread acceptance in the field of emotion research (for a recent overview, see, e.g., Scherer, Schorr, & Johnstone, 2001). In these theories, it is as...
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    Variability in anger intensity profiles: Structure and predictive basis.Joke Heylen, Philippe Verduyn, Iven Van Mechelen & Eva Ceulemans - 2015 - Cognition and Emotion 29 (1):168-177.
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    Obsessions Across Two Cultures: A Comparison of Belgian and Turkish Non-clinical Samples.Fulya Ozcanli, Eva Ceulemans, Dirk Hermans, Laurence Claes & Batja Mesquita - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Emotional Interdependence and Well-Being in Close Relationships.Laura Sels, Eva Ceulemans, Kirsten Bulteel & Peter Kuppens - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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