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    Cancer as a Mechanism of Hypermutation.Evan Harris Walker - 1992 - Acta Biotheoretica 40 (1):31-40.
    The highly structured mechanisms of cancers, their tendency to occur as a response to environmental stress, and the existence of oncogenes, suggest that neoplasticity may represent more than a biological disfunction. It is proposed that cancer exists as a phylogenetic mechanism serving to promote hyperevolution, albeit at the expense of the ontogeny, that is similar to a process recently discovered in bacterial mutations. Cell-surface-associated nucleic acid in tumorigenic cells and sperm cell vectorization of foreign DNA indicate the existence of essential (...)
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  2. Chemically Triggered Time Delay Activation Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer.Evan Harris Walker - 1980 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 23 (3):424-438.