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    Mathematical Epistemology and Psychology.Evert Willem Beth - 1966 - New York: Gordon & Breach.
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    The Foundations of Mathematics: A Study in the Philosophy of Science.Evert Willem Beth - 1959 - Amsterdam: North-Holland Pub. Co..
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    The Causality Problem in Atomic Physics.Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg & Evert Willem Beth - 1958 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 23 (1):66-66.
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    Aspects of Modern Logic.Evert Willem Beth - 1967 - Dordrecht: Reidel.
    It is common to consider an area of science as a system of real or sup posed truths which not only continuously extends itself, but also needs periodical revision and therefore tests the inventive capacity of each generation of scholars anew. It sounds highly implausible that a science at one time would be completed, that at that point within its scope there would be no problems left to solve. Indeed, the solution of a scientific problem inevitably raises new questions, so (...)
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    Mathematical Thought: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics.Evert Willem Beth - 1965 - Dordrecht: Holland, D. Reidel Pub. Co..
    Another striking deviation with regard to philosophical tradition consists in the fact that contemporary schools in the philosophy of mathematics, with the exception again of Brouwer's intuitionism, hardly ever refer to mathematical thought.
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  6. Formal Methods: An Introduction to Symbolic Logic and to the Study of Effective Operations in Arithmetic and Logic.Evert Willem Beth - 1962 - New York: Gordon & Breach.
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    Über lockes „allgemeines dreieck”.Evert Willem Beth - 1956 - Kant Studien 48 (1-4):361-380.
  8. E.W. Beth Memorial Colloquium Logic and Foundations of Science, Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré, 19-21 May 1964. Edited by Jean-Louis Destouches. [REVIEW]Evert Willem Beth & Jean Louis Destouches - 1967 - D. Reidel.
  9. Épistémologie Mathématique Et Psychologie Essai Sur les Relations Entre la Logique Formelle Et Al Pensée Réelle.Evert Willem Beth & Jean Piaget - 1961 - Presses Universitaires de France.
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  10. Logic and Foundations of Science.Jean-Louis Destouches, Evert Willem Beth & Institut Henri Poincaré (eds.) - 1968 - Dordrecht: D. Reidel.