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    Thomas F. Glick (ed.) (1988). The Comparative Reception of Darwinism. University of Chicago Press.
    The reaction to Darwin's Origin of Species varied in many countries according to the roles played by national scientific institutions and traditions and the attitudes of religious and political groups. The contributors to this volume, including M. J. S. Hodge, David Hull, and Roberto Moreno, gathered in 1972 at an international conference on the comparative reception of Darwinism. Their essays look at early pro- and anti-Darwinism arguments, and three additional comparative essays and appendices add a larger perspective. For this paperback (...)
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  2. Esteban Hasson (ed.) (2012). Darwin En El Sur, Ayer y Hoy: Contribuciones de la 1ra. Reunión de Biología Evolutiva Del Cono Sur. Libros Del Rojas, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
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