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    Gerald Gazdar, Ewan Klein, Geoffrey Pullum & Ivan Sag (1989). Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar. Philosophical Review 98 (4):556-566.
  2.  55
    Ewan Klein (1980). A Semantics for Positive and Comparative Adjectives. Linguistics and Philosophy 4 (1):1--45.
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    Ewan Klein & Ivan A. Sag (1985). Type-Driven Translation. Linguistics and Philosophy 8 (2):163 - 201.
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    Hans Kamp, Boem-mo Kang, Paul Kay, Ali Kazmi, Edward L. Keenan, Jeff King, Ewan Klein, Angelika Kratzer, Manfred Krifka & William Ladusaw (1995). 688 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Iwanska, Lucia Johnson, Mark Kadmon, Nirit K~ Ilm~ N, L~ Zlo. Linguistics and Philosophy 18:687-688.
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    Fairouz Kamareddine & Ewan Klein (1993). Nominalization, Predication and Type Containment. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 2 (3):171-215.
    In an attempt to accommodate natural language phenomena involving nominalization and self-application, various researchers in formal semantics have proposed abandoning the hierarchical type system which Montague inherited from Russell, in favour of more flexible type regimes. We briefly review the main extant proposals, and then develop a new approach, based semantically on Aczel's notion of Frege structure, which implements a version ofsubsumption polymorphism. Nominalization is achieved by virtue of the fact that the types of predicative and propositional complements are contained (...)
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    Ewan Klein (1979). On Formalizing the Referential/Attributive Distinction. Journal of Philosophical Logic 8 (1):333 - 337.
  7. Fairouz Kamareddine & Ewan Klein (1993). Polymorphism, Type Containment and Nominalization. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 2 (3):171-215.
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