F. F. [4]Farouk F. [1]F. S. F. [1]F. F. F. F. [1]
Fellmann F. [1]F. H. B. F. [1]F. F. F. [1]Frost F. [1]
  1.  30
    Studies in Japanese Culture: I.F. F. F. & Richard K. Beardsley - 1968 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 88 (2):368.
  2. Network Management of Predictive Mobile Networks.Stephen Bush, Frost F., S. Victor, Joseph Evans & B. - 1999 - Journal of Network and Systems Management 7 (2).
    There is a trend toward the use of predictive systems in communications networks. At the systems and network management level predictive capabilities are focused on anticipating network faults and performance degradation. Simultaneously, mobile communication networks are being developed with predictive location and tracking mechanisms. The interactions and synergies between these systems present a new set of problems. A new predictive network management framework is developed and examined. The interaction between a predictive mobile network and the proposed network management system is (...)
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  3. The Role of Working Memory in Motor Learning and Performance.P. J., W. S. & F. F. - 2003 - Consciousness and Cognition 12 (3):376-402.
    Three experiments explore the role of working memory in motor skill acquisition and performance. Traditional theories postulate that skill acquisition proceeds through stages of knowing, which are initially declarative but later procedural. The reported experiments challenge that view and support an independent, parallel processing model, which predicts that procedural and declarative knowledge can be acquired separately and that the former does not depend on the availability of working memory, whereas, the latter does. The behaviour of these two processes was manipulated (...)
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    Verrückt nach Frauen: Der Epigrammatiker Rufin.Farouk F. - 2008 - Classical World: A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity 102 (1):81-82.
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    Historisches Erkennen als Fremderfahrung bei Simmel.Fellmann F. - 1977 - Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 59 (1):56-72.
  6.  5
    Chronique et correspondance.F. F., Aldo Mieli & George Sarton - 1914 - Isis 2:395-400.
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