1.  5
    Friedman, Sy D. And VeliCkovit, B., Al-Definability.I. Hodkinson, R. Kaye, I. Korec, F. Maurin, H. Mildenberger & F. O. Wagner - 1997 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 89 (1):277.
  2.  18
    Supersimplicity and Quadratic Extensions.A. Martin-Pizarro & F. O. Wagner - 2009 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 48 (1):55-61.
    An elliptic curve over a supersimple field with exactly one extension of degree 2 has an s-generic point.
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  3.  16
    Elimination of Hyperimaginaries and Stable Independence in Simple CM-Trivial Theories.D. Palacín & F. O. Wagner - 2013 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 54 (3-4):541-551.
    In a simple CM-trivial theory every hyperimaginary is interbounded with a sequence of finitary hyperimaginaries. Moreover, such a theory eliminates hyperimaginaries whenever it eliminates finitary hyperimaginaries. In a supersimple CM-trivial theory, the independence relation is stable.
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