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Fred Plum [3]F. Plum [2]
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    Nicholas D. Schiff & Fred Plum (1999). Cortical Function in the Persistent Vegetative State. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 3 (2):43-44.
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    Nicholas D. Schiff & F. Plum (2000). The Role of Arousal and "Gating" Systems in the Neurology of Impaired Consciousness. Journal Of Clinical Neurophysiology 17:438-452.
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    Joseph J. Fins & F. Plum (2004). Neurological Diagnosis is More Than a State of Mind: Diagnostic Clarity and Impaired Consciousness. Archives of Neurology 61 (9):1354-1355.
  4. Fred Plum & David E. Levy (2009). Outcome From Severe Neurological Illness. Brain and Mind 908:267.
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  5. Fred Plum (2006). Permanent Loss of Consciousness : Expert Opinion and Community Standards. In Arthur L. Caplan, James J. McCartney & Dominic A. Sisti (eds.), The Case of Terri Schiavo: Ethics at the End of Life. Prometheus Books.
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