1. Raphaël Gaillard, Antoine Del Cul, Lionel Naccache, Fabien Vinckier, Laurent Cohen, Stanislas Dehaene & Edward E. Smith (2006). Nonconscious Semantic Processing of Emotional Words Modulates Conscious Access. Pnas Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103 (19):7524-7529.
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    Marcin Szwed, Fabien Vinckier, Laurent Cohen, Stanislas Dehaene & Ram Frost (2012). Towards a Universal Neurobiological Architecture for Learning to Read. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (5):308.
    Letter-position tolerance varies across languages. This observation suggests that the neural code for letter strings may also be subtly different. Although language-specific models remain useful, we should endeavor to develop a universal model of reading acquisition which incorporates crucial neurobiological constraints. Such a model, through a progressive internalization of phonological and lexical regularities, could perhaps converge onto the language-specific properties outlined by Frost.
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    Stanislas Dehaene, Laurent Cohen, Mariano Sigman & Fabien Vinckier (2005). Main Coding Schemes Used in Connectionist Models of Reading. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 9 (7):335-341.
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