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    An Information‐Theoretic Primer on Complexity, Self‐Organization, and Emergence.Mikhail Prokopenko, Fabio Boschetti & Alex J. Ryan - 2009 - Complexity 15 (1):11-28.
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    Visions of Evolution: Self-Organization Proposes What Natural Selection Disposes.David Batten, Stanley Salthe & Fabio Boschetti - 2008 - Biological Theory 3 (1):17-29.
    This article reviews the seven “visions” of evolution proposed by Depew and Weber , concluding that each posited relationship between natural selection and self-organization has suited different aims and approaches. In the second section of the article, we show that these seven viewpoints may be collapsed into three fundamentally different ones: natural selection drives evolution; self-organization drives evolution; and natural selection and self-organization are complementary aspects of the evolutionary process. We then argue that these three approaches are not mutually exclusive, (...)
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    How Computational Models Predict the Behavior of Complex Systems.John Symons & Fabio Boschetti - 2013 - Foundations of Science 18 (4):809-821.
    In this paper, we argue for the centrality of prediction in the use of computational models in science. We focus on the consequences of the irreversibility of computational models and on the conditional or ceteris paribus, nature of the kinds of their predictions. By irreversibility, we mean the fact that computational models can generally arrive at the same state via many possible sequences of previous states. Thus, while in the natural world, it is generally assumed that physical states have a (...)
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    Complexity of a Modelling Exercise: A Discussion of the Role of Computer Simulation in Complex System Science.Fabio Boschetti, David McDonald & Randall Gray - 2008 - Complexity 13 (6):21-28.
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    Emergence and Computability.Fabio Boschetti & Randall Gray - 2007 - Emergence: Complexity and Organization 9.
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    Causality, Emergence, Computation and Unreasonable Expectations.Fabio Boschetti - 2012 - Synthese 185 (2):187-194.
    I argue that much of current concern with the role of causality and strong emergence in natural processes is based upon an unreasonable expectation placed on our ability to formalize scientific knowledge. In most disciplines our formalization ability is an expectation rather than a scientific result. This calls for an empirical approach to the study of causation and emergence. Finally, I suggest that for advances in complexity research to occur, attention needs to be paid to understanding what role computation plays (...)
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    A Graphical Representation of Uncertainty in Complex Decision Making.Fabio Boschetti - 2011 - Emergence: Complexity and Organization 13:146-168.
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    Models and People: An Alternative View of the Emergent Properties of Computational Models.Fabio Boschetti - 2016 - Complexity 21 (6):202-213.
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    Causality, Emergence, Computation and Unreasonable Expectations.Fabio Boschetti - 2011 - Synthese 181 (3):405-412.