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    Giving Reasons Pro Et Contra as a Debiasing Technique in Legal Decision Making.Frank Zenker, Christian Dahlman & Farhan Sarwar - 2016 - Studies in Logic 62:809-823.
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    Prototype Effect and the Persuasiveness of Generalizations.Christian Dahlman, Farhan Sarwar, Rasmus Bååth, Lena Wahlberg & Sverker Sikström - 2016 - Review of Philosophy and Psychology 7 (1):163-180.
    An argument that makes use of a generalization activates the prototype for the category used in the generalization. We conducted two experiments that investigated how the activation of the prototype affects the persuasiveness of the argument. The results of the experiments suggest that the features of the prototype overshadow and partly overwrite the actual facts of the case. The case is, to some extent, judged as if it had the features of the prototype instead of the features it actually has. (...)
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