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  1. Muslim Perspectives on Stem Cell Research and Cloning.Fatima Agha Al-Hayani - 2008 - Zygon 43 (4):783-795.
    In Islam, the acquisition of knowledge is a form of worship. But human achievement must be exercised in conformity with God's will. Warnings against feelings of superiority often are coupled with the command to remain within the confines of God's laws and limits. Because of the fear of arrogance and disregard of the balance created by God, any new knowledge or discovery must be applied with careful consideration to maintaining balance in the creation. Knowledge must be applied to ascertain equity (...)
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  2. Islam and Science: Contradiction or Concordance.Fatima Agha Al-Hayani - 2005 - Zygon 40 (3):565-576.
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    Biomedical Ethics: Muslim Perspectives on Genetic Modification.Fatima Agha Al-Hayani - 2007 - Zygon 42 (1):153-162.
    Technology pertaining to genetically modified foods has created an abundance of food and various methods to protect new products and enhance productivity. However, many scientists, economists, and humanitarians have been critical of the application of these discoveries. They are apprehensive about a profit-driven mentality that, to them, seems to propel the innovators rather than a poverty-elimination mentality that should be behind such innovations. The objectives should be to afford the most benefit to those in need and to prevent hunger around (...)
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    Index to Volume 43.Fatima Agha Al-Hayani, Jacques Arnould, Ian G. Barbour, Marc Bekoff, Sjoerd L. Bonting, David Bradnick, Don Browning, John J. Carvalho Iv, Philip Clayton & Joseph K. Cosgrove - 2008 - Zygon 43 (4):783-795.
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    Index to Volume 42.Fatima Agha Al-Hayani, Owen Anderson, James T. Bradley, Donald M. Braxton, C. Mackenzie Brown, Don Browning, Rudolf Brun, John Bugbee, John J. Carvalho Iv & Neville Cobbe - 2007 - Zygon 42 (4):1023-1027.
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