1. Involving Older Adults During COVID-19 Restrictions in Developing an Ecosystem Supporting Active Aging: Overview of Alternative Elicitation Methods and Common Requirements From Five European Countries.Kerli Mooses, Mariana Camacho, Filippo Cavallo, Michael David Burnard, Carina Dantas, Grazia D’Onofrio, Adriano Fernandes, Laura Fiorini, Ana Gama, Ana Perandrés Gómez, Lucia Gonzalez, Diana Guardado, Tahira Iqbal, María Sanchez Melero, Francisco José Melero Muñoz, Francisco Javier Moreno Muro, Femke Nijboer, Sofia Ortet, Erika Rovini, Lara Toccafondi, Sefora Tunc & Kuldar Taveter - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    BackgroundInformation and communication technology solutions have the potential to support active and healthy aging and improve monitoring and treatment outcomes. To make such solutions acceptable, all stakeholders must be involved in the requirements elicitation process. Due to the COVID-19 situation, alternative approaches to commonly used face-to-face methods must often be used. One aim of the current article is to share a unique experience from the Pharaon project where due to the COVID-19 outbreak alternative elicitation methods were used. In addition, an (...)
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    Ethical, psychological and social implications of brain-computer interface application in paralyzed patients.Femke Nijboer, Tamara Matuz, Andrea Kübler & Niels Birbaumer - forthcoming - Bioethics.
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    The Asilomar Survey: Stakeholders' Opinions on Ethical Issues Related to Brain-Computer Interfacing. [REVIEW]Femke Nijboer, Jens Clausen, Brendan Z. Allison & Pim Haselager - 2011 - Neuroethics 6 (3):541-578.
    Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research and (future) applications raise important ethical issues that need to be addressed to promote societal acceptance and adequate policies. Here we report on a survey we conducted among 145 BCI researchers at the 4th International BCI conference, which took place in May–June 2010 in Asilomar, California. We assessed respondents’ opinions about a number of topics. First, we investigated preferences for terminology and definitions relating to BCIs. Second, we assessed respondents’ expectations on the marketability of different BCI (...)
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