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    The Complexity of Antidifferentiation.Randall Dougherty, Alexander S. Kechris, Ferenc Beleznay & Matthew Foreman - 2001 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 7 (3):385-388.
  2. The Complexity of the Collection of Countable Linear Orders of the Form I + I.Ferenc Beleznay - 1999 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 64 (4):1519-1526.
    First we prove that the set of countable linear orders of the form I + I form a complete analytic set. As a consequence of this we improve a result of Humke and Laczkovich, who showed in [HL] that the set of functions of the form f ⚬ f form a true analytic set in C[0, 1]. We show that these functions form a complete analytic set, solving a problem mentioned on p. 215 of [K1] and on p. 4 of (...)
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