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    On the Concept of Spontaneously Broken Gauge Symmetry in Condensed Matter Physics.Anthony J. Leggett & Fernando Sols - 1991 - Foundations of Physics 21 (3):353-364.
    We discuss the concept of spontaneous breaking of gauge symmetry in super-conductors and superfluids and, in particular, the circumstances under which the absolute phase of a superfluid can be physically meaningful and experimentally relevant. We argue that the study of this question pushes us toward the frontiers of what we understand about the quantum measurement process, and underline the need for a new theoretical framework that keeps pace with modern technological capabilities.
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    Dynamics and Measurement of the Absolute Phase in Macroscopic Quantum Systems.Fernando Sols & Roger A. Hegstrom - 1995 - In M. Ferrero & A. van der Merwe (eds.), Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics. pp. 73--299.
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    A Model of Quantum Measurement in Josephson Junctions.Roger A. Hegstrom & Fernando Sols - 1995 - Foundations of Physics 25 (5):681-700.
    A model for the quantum measurement of the electronic current in a Josephson junction is presented and analyzed. The model is similar to a Stern-Gerlach apparatus, relying on the deflection of a spin-polarized particle beam by the magnetic field created by the Josephson current. The aim is (1) to explore, with the help of a simple model, some general ideas about the nature of the information which can be obtained by measurements upon a quantum system and (2) to find new (...)
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