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    How to Trigger Elaborate Processing? A Comment on Kunde, Kiesel, and Hoffmann.Filip Van Opstal, Bert Reynvoet & Tom Verguts - 2005 - Cognition 97 (1):89-97.
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    Setting the Stage Subliminally: Unconscious Context Effects.Filip Van Opstal, Cristian Buc Calderon, Wim Gevers & Tom Verguts - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1860-1864.
    An important approach to understand how the brain gives rise to consciousness is to probe the depth of unconscious processing, thus to define the key features that cause conscious awareness. Here, we investigate the possibility for subliminal stimuli to shape the context for unconscious processing. Context effects have generally been assumed to require consciousness. In the present experiment, unconscious context processing was investigated by looking at the impact of the context on the response activation elicited by a subliminal prime. We (...)
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    Rapid Parallel Semantic Processing of Numbers Without Awareness.Filip Van Opstal, Floris P. de Lange & Stanislas Dehaene - 2011 - Cognition 120 (1):136-147.
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    Unconscious Semantic Priming From Pictures Under Backward Masking and Continuous Flash Suppression.Timo Stein, Vanessa Utz & Filip van Opstal - 2020 - Consciousness and Cognition 78:102864.
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    Unconscious Semantic Categorization and Mask Interactions: An Elaborate Response to Kunde Et Al. (2005).Filip Van Opstal, Bert Reynvoet & Tom Verguts - 2005 - Cognition 97 (1):107-113.
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    Is There a Generalized Magnitude System in the Brain? Behavioral, Neuroimaging, and Computational Evidence.Filip Van Opstal & Tom Verguts - 2013 - Frontiers in Psychology 4.
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    A Colorful Walk, but is It on the Mental Number Line? Reply to Cohen Kadosh, Tzelgov, and Henik.Tom Verguts & Filip Van Opstal - 2008 - Cognition 106 (1):558-563.
    Cohen Kadosh, Tzelgov, and Henik [Cohen Kadosh, R., Tzelgov, J., and Henik, A. (2008). A synesthetic walk on the number line: The size effect. Cognition, 106, 548-557] present a new paradigm to probe properties of the mental number line. They describe two experiments which they argue to be inconsistent with the exact small number model proposed by Verguts, Fias, and Stevens [Verguts, T., Fias, W., Stevens, M. (2005). A model of exact small-number representation. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 12, 66-80]. We (...)
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  8. Unconscious Information Integration: A Replication and the Role of Spatial Window in Masking Experiments.Filip Van Opstal & Molly Rooyakkers - 2022 - Cognition 225:105113.
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    Task-Relevant Information Modulates Primary Motor Cortex Activity Before Movement Onset.Cristian B. Calderon, Filip Van Opstal, Philippe Peigneux, Tom Verguts & Wim Gevers - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
  10. B1–B11.Justin N. Wood, Elizabeth S. Spelke, David Barner, Jesse Snedeker, Min Wang, Charles A. Perfetti, Ying Liu, Filip van Opstal, Bert Reynvoet & Tom Verguts - 2005 - Cognition 97:339-341.
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