1. Perpetuating the patriarchy: misogyny and (post-)feminist backlash.Filipa Melo Lopes - 2019 - Philosophical Studies 176 (9):2517-2538.
    How are patriarchal regimes perpetuated and reproduced? Kate Manne’s recent work on misogyny aims to provide an answer to this central question. According to her, misogyny is a property of social environments where women perceived as violating patriarchal norms are ‘kept down’ through hostile reactions coming from men, other women and social structures. In this paper, I argue that Manne’s approach is problematically incomplete. I do so by examining a recent puzzling social phenomenon which I call (post-)feminist backlash: the rise (...)
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  2. Sugar Babies: When “Feminism” Looks Like Online Misogyny.Filipa Melo Lopes - 2022 - Blog of the APA 2022.
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    Incel violence and Beauvoirian otherness.Filipa Melo Lopes - 2023 - In Liesbeth Schoonheim & Karen Vintges (eds.), Beauvoir and Politics: A Toolkit. London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. pp. 31-47.
    In this chapter, Filipa Melo Lopes looks at incel violence, and argues that the two most common feminist analyses of their actions—their objectification of women or their sense of entitlement to women’s attention—are insufficient. They fail to account for incels’ distinctive ambivalence towards women, namely their oscillation between obsessive desire and violent hatred. Melo Lopes proposes instead that what incels want is a Beauvoirian ‘Other’—discussed by Beauvoir in her chapter on myths in terms of the ‘Eternal Feminine’. For Beauvoir, when (...)
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