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    Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights, Carol C. Gould , 288 Pp., $70 Cloth, $24.99 Paper.Fiona Robinson - 2007 - Ethics and International Affairs 21 (2):263-265.
    Although the focus of "Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights" is practical, Gould does not shy away from hard theoretical questions, such as the relentless debate over cultural relativism, and the relationship between terrorism and democracy.
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  2. The Ethics of Care: A Feminist Approach to Human Security.Fiona Robinson - 2011 - Temple University Press.
    Introduction -- The ethics of care and global politics -- Rethinking human security -- 'Women's work' : the global care and sex economies -- Humanitarian intervention and global security governance -- Peacebuilding and paternalism : reading care through postcolonialism -- Health and human security : gender, care and HIV/AIDS -- Gender, care, and the ethics of environmental security -- Conclusion. Security through care.
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  3. Curiosity and Imagination in a Patriarchal World. [REVIEW]Fiona Robinson - 2007 - Hypatia 22 (4):213 - 219.
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    Care, Gender and Global Social Justice: Rethinking 'Ethical Globalization'.Fiona Robinson - 2006 - Journal of Global Ethics 2 (1):5 – 25.
    This article develops an approach to ethical globalization based on a feminist, political ethic of care; this is achieved, in part, through a comparison with, and critique of, Thomas Pogge's World Poverty and Human Rights. In his book, Pogge makes the valid and important argument that the global economic order is currently organized such that developed countries have a huge advantage in terms of power and expertise, and that decisions are reached purely and exclusively through self-interest. Pogge uses an institutional (...)
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  5. Socializing Care: Feminist Ethics and Public Issues.Joan Tronto, Nel Noddings, Eloise Buker, Selma Sevenhuijsen, Vivienne Bozalek, Amanda Gouws, Marie Minnaar-Mcdonald, Deborah Little, Margaret Urban Walker, Fiona Robinson, Judith Stadtman Tucker & Cheryl Brandsen - 2006 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Contributors to this volume demonstrate how the ethics of care factors into a variety of social policies and institutions, and can indeed be useful in thinking about a number of different social problems. Divided into two sections, the first looks at care as a model for an evaluative framework that rethinks social institutions, liberal society, and citizenship at a basic conceptual level. The second explores care values in the context of specific social practices or settings, as a framework that should (...)
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    After Liberalism in World Politics? Towards an International Political Theory of Care.Fiona Robinson - 2010 - Ethics and Social Welfare 4 (2):130-144.
    This paper explores the potential for an international political theory of care as an alternative to liberalism in the context of contemporary global politics. It argues that relationality and interdependence, and the responsibilities for and practices of care that arise therewith, are fundamental aspects of moral life and sites of political contestation that have been systematically denied and obfuscated under liberalism. A political theory of care brings into view the responsibilities and practices of care that sustain not just ?bare life? (...)
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    Global Care Ethics: Beyond Distribution, Beyond Justice.Fiona Robinson - 2013 - Journal of Global Ethics 9 (2):131 - 143.
    This article defends an ethics of care approach to global justice, which begins with an empirically informed account of injustices resulting from the workings and effects of contemporary neo-liberalism and hegemonic masculinities. Dominant distributive approaches to global justice see the unequal distribution of resources or ?primary goods? as the basic source of injustice. Crucially, however, most of these liberal theories do not challenge the basic structural and ideational ?frames? that govern the global political economy. Instead, they seek to ?correct? unjust (...)
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    The Importance of Care in the Theory and Practice of Human Security.Fiona Robinson - 2008 - Journal of International Political Theory 4 (2):167-188.
    This paper argues that human rights-based approaches to human security overlook the importance of caring values, relations of care, and care work in the achievement and long-term maintenance of human security. It outlines an alternative approach to the ethics of human security which combines a feminist ontological and normative position on the centrality of caring values and practices in sustaining life with a feminist account of the gendered political economy of contemporary globalisation. Moreover, it argues that a critical, feminist ethics (...)
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    Feminist Foreign Policy as Ethical Foreign Policy? A Care Ethics Perspective.Fiona Robinson - forthcoming - Journal of International Political Theory:175508821982876.
    This article argues that a liberal cosmopolitan approach to feminist foreign policy reproduces existing relations of power, including gender power relations and Western liberal modes of domination. I suggest that a critical feminist ethic of care offers a potentially radical and transformative account of ethics as a basis for a transnational feminism – one that reveals and troubles the binary gender norms that constitute the international and which exposes the ways in which patriarchal orders uphold political hierarchies that obstruct the (...)
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    The Curious Feminist: Searching for Women in a New Age of Empire by Cynthia Enloe and Integrating Ecofeminism, Globalization and World Religions by Rosemary Radford Ruether.Fiona Robinson - 2007 - Hypatia 22 (4):213-219.
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    Imagining “The Global”: Gender, Justice, and Philosophy.Fiona Robinson - 2016 - Hypatia 31 (2):466-471.
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    Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights - by Carol C. Gould.Fiona Robinson - 2007 - Ethics and International Affairs 21 (2):263–265.