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Floriana Ferro
Università degli Studi di Udine
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    Object-Oriented Ontology’s View of Relations: A Phenomenological Critique.Floriana Ferro - 2019 - Open Philosophy 2 (1):566-581.
    This paper is focused on the possibility of a dialogue between Object-Oriented Ontology and phenomenology, a dialogue concerning the problem of objects and relations. In the first part, the author shows what is interesting in OOO from a phenomenological perspective and why it should be considered as a challenge for contemporary philosophy. The second part develops the phenomenological perspective of the author, a perspective based on Merleau-Ponty’s “carnal” phenomenology, as well as some suggestions coming from the Italian school of Gaetano (...)
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  2. Beauty and Possession. Reversible Eros.Floriana Ferro - unknown
    The paper aims at connecting the concepts of beauty and possession, traditionally coupled with the male gaze, with eros as felt by women, by homosexuals, and by those who do not identify with a defined gender. First, I will outline the concepts of beauty and possession according to “male thinking”, well formulated by Freud, Plato, Levinas, and Sartre. I will show that, in Western tradition, beauty is seen from a masculine perspective, as a set of charms arousing the subject and (...)
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  3. Perceptual Relations in Digital Environments.Floriana Ferro - forthcoming - Foundations of Science.
    The aim of the paper is to develop the concept of perceptual relation and to apply it to digital environments. First, the meaning of perceptual relation is phenomenologically analyzed and defined as the interaction between the whole and its parts, which is theorized by the founders of Gestalt psychology. However, this relation is not considered as an intrinsic, but as an extended one, implying also the relation with the surrounding world. Subsequently, this concept of extended relation is applied to a (...)
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