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    Frédérique Woerther (2008). Music and the Education of the Soul in Plato and Aristotle: Homoeopathy and the Formation of Character. Classical Quarterly 58 (01):89-103.
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    Frédérique Woerther (2015). 2. Les translittérations dans la version latine du Commentaire moyen à l’Éthique à Nicomaque d’Averroès. Bulletin de Philosophie Medievale 56:61-89.
    The present discussion derives from a larger research project that concerns the medieval Latin translation of Averroes’ Middle Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics. The translation was carried out by Hermann the German in Toledo in 1240. I am concerned here specifically with nine passages that are distributed over three chapters of the Commentary in which the Latin translation is sprinkled with transliterations based on Greek and Arabic terms. These transliterations, which are not glosses, can be understood on several levels, and (...)
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