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    On Argumentation Logic and Propositional Logic.Antonis C. Kakas, Paolo Mancarella & Francesca Toni - 2018 - Studia Logica 106 (2):237-279.
    This paper studies the relationship between Argumentation Logic, a recently defined logic based on the study of argumentation in AI, and classical Propositional Logic. In particular, it shows that AL and PL are logically equivalent in that they have the same entailment relation from any given classically consistent theory. This equivalence follows from a correspondence between the non-acceptability of sentences in AL and Natural Deduction proofs of the complement of these sentences. The proof of this equivalence uses a restricted form (...)
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    A Tutorial on Assumption-Based Argumentation.Francesca Toni - 2014 - Argument and Computation 5 (1):89-117.
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    Introduction to Structured Argumentation.Philippe Besnard, Alejandro Garcia, Anthony Hunter, Sanjay Modgil, Henry Prakken, Guillermo Simari & Francesca Toni - 2014 - Argument and Computation 5 (1):1-4.
    In abstract argumentation, each argument is regarded as atomic. There is no internal structure to an argument. Also, there is no specification of what is an argument or an attack. They are assumed to be given. This abstract perspective provides many advantages for studying the nature of argumentation, but it does not cover all our needs for understanding argumentation or for building tools for supporting or undertaking argumentation. If we want a more detailed formalization of arguments than is available with (...)
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  4. Assumption-Based Argumentation for Closed and Consistent Defeasible Reasoning.Francesca Toni - 2008 - In Satoh (ed.), New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence. Springer. pp. 390--402.
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    Abstract Argumentation.Robert A. Kowalski & Francesca Toni - 1996 - Artificial Intelligence and Law 4 (3-4):275-296.
    In this paper we explore the thesis that the role of argumentation in practical reasoning in general and legal reasoning in particular is to justify the use of defeasible rules to derive a conclusion in preference to the use of other defeasible rules to derive a conflicting conclusion. The defeasibility of rules is expressed by means of non-provability claims as additional conditions of the rules.We outline an abstract approach to defeasible reasoning and argumentation which includes many existing formalisms, including default (...)
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    Automatic Evaluation of Design Alternatives with Quantitative Argumentation.Pietro Baroni, Marco Romano, Francesca Toni, Marco Aurisicchio & Giorgio Bertanza - 2015 - Argument and Computation 6 (1):24-49.
    This paper presents a novel argumentation framework to support Issue-Based Information System style debates on design alternatives, by providing an automatic quantitative evaluation of the positions put forward. It also identifies several formal properties of the proposed quantitative argumentation framework and compares it with existing non-numerical abstract argumentation formalisms. Finally, the paper describes the integration of the proposed approach within the design Visual Understanding Environment software tool along with three case studies in engineering design. The case studies show the potential (...)
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  7. Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2018).Michael Thielscher, Francesca Toni & Frank Wolter (eds.) - 2018
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