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    A Multilevel Architecture of Creative Dynamic Agency.Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati & Marco Somalvico - 2000 - Foundations of Science 5 (2):157-184.
    There are two classical and opposite positions about scientific discovery: the one that conceives scientific discovery activity as fully rational and the one that conceives scientific discovery activity as fully irrational. In the first case, machines are regarded as able to perform the scientific discovery process whereas, in the second case, machines are considered unable to perform any part of the scientific discovery process.We adopt a third intermediate approach that envisages a new role for machines, which are conceived as descriptions (...)
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    Good Experimental Methodologies and Simulation in Autonomous Mobile Robotics.Francesco Amigoni & Viola Schiaffonati - 2010 - In W. Carnielli L. Magnani (ed.), Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology. pp. 315--332.
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    A Multiagent Approach to Modelling Complex Phenomena.Francesco Amigoni & Viola Schiaffonati - 2008 - Foundations of Science 13 (2):113-125.
    Designing models of complex phenomena is a difficult task in engineering that can be tackled by composing a number of partial models to produce a global model of the phenomena. We propose to embed the partial models in software agents and to implement their composition as a cooperative negotiation between the agents. The resulting multiagent system provides a global model of a phenomenon. We applied this approach in modelling two complex physiological processes: the heart rate regulation and the glucose-insulin metabolism. (...)
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    Multiagent System Based Scientific Discovery Within Information Society.Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati & Marco Somalvico - 2002 - Mind and Society 3 (1):111-127.
    In this paper we investigate the role of information machines in the scientific enterprise intended as a social activity. Our discussion is based on a powerful kind of information machines called scientific social agencies, which are multiagent systems of distributed artificial intelligence. Scientific social agency, on the one hand, can provide great benefits to the present common scientific practice but, on the other hand, its development represents a strong and still open technical challenge. This paper shows a coherent framework in (...)
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    Multiagent-Based Simulation in Biology.Francesco Amigoni & Viola Schiaffonati - 2007 - In L. Magnani & P. Li (eds.), Model-Based Reasoning in Science, Technology, and Medicine. Springer. pp. 179--191.