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Profile: Francois Richer (Université du Québec à Montreal)
  1. Bidirectional Lexical–Gustatory Synesthesia.François Richer, Guillaume-Alexandre Beaufils & Sophie Poirier - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1738-1743.
    In developmental lexical–gustatory synesthesia, specific words can trigger taste perceptions and these synesthetic associations are generally stable. We describe a case of multilingual lexical–gustatory synesthesia for whom some synesthesias were bidirectional as some tastes also triggered auditory word associations. Evoked concurrents could be gustatory but also tactile sensations. In addition to words and pseudowords, many voices were effective inducers, suggesting increased connections between cortical taste areas and both voice-selective and language-selective areas. Lasting changes in some evoked tastes occurred during childhood (...)
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    Matching Cannot Account for Context Effects on the Attention-Related Negative Potential.Claude Alain, André Achim & François Richer - 1991 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 14 (4):761-762.
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    New Object Onsets Reduce Conscious Access to Unattended Targets.Sébastien Marti, Véronique Paradis, Marc Thibeault & Francois Richer - 2006 - Vision Research 46 (10):1646-1654.