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    Frank Anechiarico & James B. Jacobs (1997). [Book Review] the Pursuit of Absolute Integrity, How Corruption Control Makes Government Ineffective. [REVIEW] Criminal Justice Ethics 16 (2):35-41.
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  2. Arlene W. Saxonhouse, J. Peter Euben, Paul Cantor, Shelley Burtt, Daniel Lowenstein, Adina Schwartz, John T. Noonan, He Qinglian, Michael Johnston & Frank Anechiarico (2004). Private and Public Corruption. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    The book roots corruption in the idea of a departure from conventional standards, and thus offers an account not only of its corrosiveness but also of its malleability and controversiality. In the course of a broadranging exploration, it examines various links between private and public corruption, connecting the latter with other social and political structures.
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    James B. Jacobs & Frank Anechiarico (1992). Blacklisting Public Contractors as an Anti‐Corruption and Racketeering Strategy. Criminal Justice Ethics 11 (2):64-76.
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    Frank Anechiarico & Lenore Kuo (1995). The Justified Scoundrel: The Structural Genesis of Corruption. Journal of Social Philosophy 26 (1):147-161.