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    Eloge: Stephen Jay Gould, 1941–2002.Frank H. T. Rhodes - 2003 - Isis 94 (2):315-316.
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    Darwinian Gradualism and its Limits: The Development of Darwin's Views on the Rate and Pattern of Evolutionary Change.Frank H. T. Rhodes - 1987 - Journal of the History of Biology 20 (2):139-157.
    The major tenets of the recent hypothesis of punctuated equilibrium are explicit in Darwin's writing. His notes from 1837–1838 contain references to stasis and rapid change. In the first edition of the Origin (1859), Darwin described the importance of isolation of local varieties in the process of speciation. His views on the tempo of speciation were influenced by Hugh Falconer and also, perhaps, by Edward Suess (1831–1914). It is paradoxical that, although both topics were recorded in his unpublished notes of (...)
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