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    Is Justified True Behavior Knowledge?.Frank Hammonds - 2010 - Behavior and Philosophy 38:49-59.
    Edmund Gettier (1963) argued against defining knowledge as justified true belief. Using two examples, he demonstrated that (a) believing a proposition to be true, (b) having justification for that belief, and (c) the proposition in fact being true, do not constitute sufficient conditions for one to be said to know the proposition. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the utility of a behavioral definition of justified true belief. I will define “justified,” “true,” and “belief” in behavioral terms. Then (...)
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  2. Toward an "Awareness" of the Relationship Between Task Performance and Own Verbal Accounts of That Performance.Frank Hammonds - 2006 - Analysis of Verbal Behavior 22:101-110.
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    Student Evaluations of Teaching: Improving Teaching Quality in Higher Education.Frank Hammonds, Gina J. Mariano, Gracie Ammons & Sheridan Chambers - 2017 - Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education 21 (1):26-33.
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