1. The Real Line in Elementary Submodels of Set Theory.Kenneth Kunen & Franklin D. Tall - 2000 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 65 (2):683-691.
    Keywords: Elementary Submodel; Real Line; Order-Isomorphic.
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    A Provisional Solution to the Normal Moore Space ProblemIf All Normal Moore Spaces Are Metrizable, Then There Is an Inner Model with a Measurable CardinalNew Proofs of the Consistency of the Normal Moore Space Conjecture IOn Collectionwise Normality of Locally Compact, Normal Spaces.Gary Gruenhage, Peter J. Nyikos, William G. Fleissner, Alan Dow, Franklin D. Tall, William A. R. Weiss & Zoltan Balogh - 2002 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 8 (3):443.
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    Compact Spaces, Elementary Submodels, and the Countable Chain Condition.Lúcia R. Junqueira, Paul Larson & Franklin D. Tall - 2006 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 144 (1):107-116.
    Given a space in an elementary submodel M of H, define XM to be X∩M with the topology generated by . It is established, using anti-large-cardinals assumptions, that if XM is compact and its regular open algebra is isomorphic to that of a continuous image of some power of the two-point discrete space, then X=XM. Assuming in addition, the result holds for any compact XM satisfying the countable chain condition.
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