1.  96
    Weak Islands and an Algebraic Semantics for Scope Taking.Anna Szabolcsi & Frans Zwarts - 1997 - In Ways of Scope Taking. Dordrecht: Kluwer.
    Modifying the descriptive and theoretical generalizations of Relativized Minimality, we argue that a significant subset of weak island violations arise when an extracted phrase should scope over some intervener but is unable to. Harmless interveners seem harmless because they can support an alternative reading. This paper focuses on why certain wh-phrases are poor wide scope takers, and offers an algebraic perspective on scope interaction. Each scopal element SE is associated with certain operations (e.g., not with complements). When a wh-phrase scopes (...)
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  2.  5
    Cracking the Code: The Impact of Orthographic Transparency and Morphological-Syllabic Complexity on Reading and Developmental Dyslexia.Elisabeth Borleffs, Ben A. M. Maassen, Heikki Lyytinen & Frans Zwarts - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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  3.  18
    A Hierarchy or Negative Expressions.Frans Zwarts - 1996 - In H. Wansing (ed.), Negation: A Notion in Focus. W. De Gruyter. pp. 7--169.
  4.  34
    Some Remarks on Focus Adverbs.Jack Hoeksema & Frans Zwarts - 1991 - Journal of Semantics 8 (1-2):51-70.
    Much of what we have to say in the present paper should be thought of as an attempt to get a better understanding of the intricate complexities surrounding focus adverbs. To this end, we discuss a number of restrictions which govern the occurrence of different classes of focus adverbs in Dutch, German and English. We are aware that in doing so we limit ourselves primarily to the descriptive level—a decision which some may well disapprove of Indeed, when Pullum (I988) speaks (...)
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  5. Determiners.Frans Zwarts - 1983 - In Alice G. B. ter Meulen (ed.), Studies in Modeltheoretic Semantics. Foris Publications.
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