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    Towards an Unknown Marx: A Commentary on the Manuscripts of 1861-63.Enrique D. Dussel & Fred Moseley - 2001 - Psychology Press.
    This book is the first complete commentary on Marx's manuscripts of 1861-63, works that guide our understanding of fundamental concepts such as 'surplus-value' and 'production price'. The recent publication of Marx's writings in their entirety has been a seminal event in Marxian scholarship. The hitherto unknown second draft of Volume 1 and first draft of Volume 3 of Capital, both published in the Manuscripts of 1861-63, now provide an important intermediate link between the Grundrisse and the final published editions of (...)
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    Marx’s Economic Manuscript of 1867–68 (Excerpt) Editor’s Introduction.Fred Moseley - 2019 - Historical Materialism 27 (4):145-156.
    This is an introduction to an English translation of a 25-page excerpt from Marx’s Manuscript of 1867–68, which was published for the first time in German in 2012 in the MEGA, Volume II/4.3. This excerpt is Marx’s first and only attempt to incorporate unequal turnover times across industries into his theory of the equalisation of the profit rate and prices of production. The introduction attempts to clarify the overall logic of this excerpt as well as to point out Marx’s many (...)
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    The Decline of the Rate of Profit in the Post-War United States Economy: Due to Increased Competition or Increased Unproductive Labour?Fred Moseley - 1999 - Historical Materialism 4 (1):131-148.
  4. Globalisation and Capitalist Property Relations: A Critical Assessment of David Held's Cosmopolitan Theory.Alejandro Colás Campbell, Fred Evans, John Exdel, Matthias Kaelberer & Fred Moseley - 2003 - Historical Materialism 11 (2):3-35.
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    The rate of profit and economic stagnation in the United States economy.Fred Moseley - 1997 - Historical Materialism 1 (1):161-174.
    In the first thirty years after World War II, the US economy performed very well. The rate of growth averaged 4—5%, the rate of unemployment was seldom above 5%, inflation was almost non-existent, and the living standards of workers improved steadily. These were the ‘good old days'. However, this long period of expansion and prosperity ended in the 1970s. Since then, both the rate of unemployment and the rate of inflation have been much higher than before, and the average real (...)
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    Communications: The Transnational Ruling Class Formation Thesis: A Symposium.Michael Mann, Giovanni Arrighi, Jason W. Moore, Robert Went, Kees Van Der Pijl, William I. Robinson, Guglielmo Carchedi, Fred Moseley & David Laibman - 2001 - Science and Society 65 (4):464-533.
  7. Marx's logical error: a comment.Fred Moseley - 2001 - Science and Society 65 (4):2.
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    Reclaiming Marx’s ‘Capital’: A Refutation of the Myth of Inconsistency, Andrew Kliman, Lanham: Lexington Books, 2007.Fred Moseley - 2010 - Historical Materialism 18 (4):207-218.
    This book seeks to defend Marx’s theory in Capital against the long-standing criticism of logical inconsistency, which has provided the main justification for the rejection of Marx’s theory over the last century. This book presents a new interpretation of Marx’s theory that has emerged over the last several decades called the ‘temporal single-system’ interpretation. Kliman argues that the TSSI eliminates all of the alleged logical inconsistencies in Marx’s theory, and therefore logical inconsistency is not a valid reason to reject Marx’s (...)
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  9. S&S Quarterly, Inc. Guilford Press.Fred Moseley - 2001 - Science and Society 65 (4).
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    [Book review] the falling rate of profit in the postwar united states economy. [REVIEW]Fred Moseley - 1993 - Science and Society 57 (2):223-233.