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  1. Measurement Theory.Fred S. Roberts (ed.) - 1985 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book provides an introduction to measurement theory for non-specialists and puts measurement in the social and behavioural sciences on a firm mathematical foundation. Results are applied to such topics as measurement of utility, psychophysical scaling and decision-making about pollution, energy, transportation and health. The results and questions presented should be of interest to both students and practising mathematicians since the author sets forth an area of mathematics unfamiliar to most mathematicians, but which has many potentially significant applications.
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    Axiomatic thermodynamics and extensive measurement.Fred S. Roberts & R. Duncan Luce - 1968 - Synthese 18 (4):311 - 326.
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    Some problems in the geometry of visual perception.Fred S. Roberts & Patrick Suppes - 1967 - Synthese 17 (1):173-201.
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    Tolerance geometry.Fred S. Roberts - 1973 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 14 (1):68-76.
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    Mixture axioms in linear and multilinear utility theories.Peter C. Fishburn & Fred S. Roberts - 1978 - Theory and Decision 9 (2):161-171.
  6. Is physically-based consciousness a reality?Fred S. Roberts - 1995 - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 60:398-400.
  7. Peter C. Fishburn.Fred S. Roberts, William V. Gehrlein & Steven J. Brams - 2021 - Theory and Decision 93 (1):1-6.
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  8. Some apparently non-cerebral aspects of consciousness.Fred S. Roberts - 1991 - Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 58:31-38.
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    What if utility functions do not exist?Fred S. Roberts - 1972 - Theory and Decision 3 (2):126-139.
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    On Luce's theory of meaningfulness.Fred S. Roberts - 1980 - Philosophy of Science 47 (3):424-433.
    This paper studies the theory of uniqueness of scales of measurement, and in particular, the theory of meaningfulness of statements using scales. The paper comments on the general theory of meaningfulness adopted by Luce in connection with his work on dimensionally invariant numerical laws. It comments on Luce's generalization of the concept of meaningfulness of a statement involving scales to a concept of meaningfulness of an arbitrary relation relative to the defining relations in a relational structure. It is argued that (...)
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