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    Cofinal Indiscernibles and Some Applications to New Foundations.Friederike Körner - 1994 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 40 (3):347-356.
    We prove a theorem about models with indiscernibles that are cofinal in a given linear order. We apply this theorem to obtain new independence results for Quine's set theory New Foundations, thus solving two open problems in this field.
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    Automorphisms Moving All Non-Algebraic Points and an Application to NF.Friederike Körner - 1998 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 63 (3):815-830.
    Section 1 is devoted to the study of countable recursively saturated models with an automorphism moving every non-algebraic point. We show that every countable theory has such a model and exhibit necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of automorphisms moving all non-algebraic points. Furthermore we show that there are many complete theories with the property that every countable recursively saturated model has such an automorphism. In Section 2 we apply our main theorem from Section 1 to models of Quine's (...)
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