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Fuat Gürsözlü
Loyola University Maryland
  1. Agonism and deliberation— recognizing the difference.Fuat Gürsözlü - 2009 - Journal of Political Philosophy 17 (3):356-368.
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    The Triumph of Liberal Democratic Peace and the Dangers of Its Success.Fuat Gürsözlü - 2018 - In Andrew Fiala (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Pacifism and Nonviolence. London, UK: Routledge. pp. 213-224.
    The Triumph of Liberal Democratic Peace and the Dangers of Its Success” provides an overview of the “liberal democratic peace theory” that is associated with Kant and has been developed by Doyle and other contemporary scholars. The chapter examines the problem of wars that are fought in the name of democracy and the way that the liberal democratic peace theory can end up encouraging military interventions. It argues that a careful understanding of the Kantian democratic peace theory can resist the (...)
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  3. Political Liberalism and the Fate of Unreasonable People.Fuat Gursozlu - 2014 - Touro Law Review 30 (1):35-56.
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    Democracy and Partisanship.Fuat Gürsözlü - 2023 - In Will Barnes (ed.), Politics, Polarity, and Peace. Netherlands: Brill Rodopi. pp. 62-82.
  5. Political Liberalism and the Formative Political Elements.Fuat Gursozlu - 2014 - Review Journal of Political Philosophy 11:55-81.
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    Democracy and Peace: Is Democracy Good For Peace?Fuat Gürsözlü - 2022 - In Sanjay Lal (ed.), Peaceful Approaches for a More Peaceful World. Leiden: Brill. pp. 8-29.
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    Cultural Violence, Hegemony and Agonistic Interventions.Fuat Gürsözlü - 2018 - In Fuat Gursozlu (ed.), Peace, Culture, and Violence. Brill. pp. 84-105.
    The chapter explores Johan Galtung’s theory of cultural violence from the perspective of a hegemony centered account of the social. It argues that once we take hegemony as a central organizing idea of the social, it becomes possible to recognize the limits of Galtung’s account of cultural violence and why his response to it remains weak. It defends a politics of contestation and a politics of disruption as possible ways to counter the risks introduced by cultural violence.
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    Agonistic Democracy and Political Practice: Ways of Being Adversarial.Fuat Gürsözlü - 2022 - Palgrave Macmillan.
    This book explores the implications of agonistic democratic theory for political practice. Fuat Gürsözlü argues that at a time when political parties exacerbate political division, political protesters are characterized as looters and terrorists, and extreme partisanship and authoritarian tendencies are on the rise, the agonistic approach offers a much-needed rethinking of political practice to critically understand challenges to democracy and envision more democratic, inclusive, and peaceful alternatives. Inspired by Chantal Mouffe’s agonistic theory and drawing on insights of other prominent agonistic (...)
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    Democracy and the Square: Recognizing the Democratic Value of the Recent Public Sphere Movements.Fuat Gursozlu - 2015 - Essays in Philosophy 16 (1):26-42.
    The paper considers the democratic value of the recent public sphere movements—from Occupy Wall Street to Taksim Gezi Park, from Tahrir Square to Sofia. It argues that the mainstream models of democracy fail to grasp the significance of these movements and the emergent political forms within these movements due to their narrow account of politics and democracy. To fully grasp the democratic value of recent public sphere movements, we should approach them from an agonistic perspective. Once democratic politics is viewed (...)
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  10. Democratic Potential of Creative Political Protest.Fuat Gursozlu - 2017 - Critical Studies 3:20-31.
    From Cairo to Occupy Wall Street, from Istanbul Gezi Park to DANS protests in Sofia, in recent public sphere movements we have witnessed the emergence of a new wave of creative protest. The surge of creative forms of political action brings to the fore the question of democratic potential of creative political protest. This paper explores in what ways creative protest could deepen democracy. I argue that creative political protest nurtures democracy by generating a peaceful culture of resistance and by (...)
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  11. Peace, Culture, and Violence.Fuat Gursozlu (ed.) - 2018 - Brill.
    Peace, Culture, and Violence examines deeper sources of violence by providing a critical reflection on the forms of violence that permeate everyday life and our inability to recognize these forms of violence. Exploring the elements of culture that legitimize and normalize violence, the essays collected in this volume invite us to recognize and critically approach the violent aspects of reality we live in and encourage us to envision peaceful alternatives. Including chapters written by important scholars in the fields of Peace (...)
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    Pluralism, Identity, and Violence.Fuat Gursozlu - 2014 - In Gail Presbey Greg Moses (ed.), Peace Philosophy and Public Life. Brill - Rodopi. pp. 93-109.
  13. The Multicultural Mystique: The Liberal Case against Diversity. [REVIEW]Fuat Gursozlu - 2013 - Teaching Philosophy 36 (3):300-303.